What Has Roe Done for Us?

helpStudents for Life of America launched the historic “What Has Roe Done For Us?” tour today at Oregon State University, the first of 25 schools in a dozen states that the tour will visit this spring. The graphic display takes aim at the myths from the abortion industry that legal abortion is good for women.

Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton have left more than 40 years of devastation in their wake. Legalizing abortion did not help women. The pro-abortion scare tactics that thousands of women will die when abortion is made illegal are false. The majority of pre-Roe abortions were not committed in back-alleys and the abortion industry has admitted that it made up the myth that tens of thousands of women died every year from illegal abortion. When abortion is illegal again, there will not be an epidemic of women dying from abortion.

There is nothing safe about legal abortion. Abortion will always be dangerous for women and bad for their health. Roe has done nothing to change that. Legal abortion has not made abortion clean or safe. Abortionists like Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen are butchering women in dirty facilities. They are the norm for the abortion industry, not the exceptions. Legal abortion enables men to cover up abuse of women and coerce them into having abortions. We need to be offering real support and options for women experiencing crisis pregnancies.
If you would like the “What Has Roe Done For Us?” project to visit your school, contact SFLA to get on the waiting list for the next tour. You can also get the “What Has Roe Done For Us?” literature at your school now. Download the flyers and social media graphics for use at any time. And to request the post cards, send your name, school and mailing address to info@studentsforlife.org.

Learn more about the project at www.whathasroedone.com.