August Event-in-a-box – Time to Recruit!

EIB August final

Congratulations on starting another school year!! We at Students for Life of America are excited for another year of students across the country impacting their high school and college campuses, and turning the tide on abortion We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish and the lives that are impacted through your pro-life group! We want you to start strong and make an impact from the first moment you step back onto campus. Our August Event-in-a-Box has been developed to help you do just that, with some tips and tricks on how to hit the ground running with the pro-life message. Get ready! It’s going to be an exciting year!
Don’t have a Students for Life group at your school? Email to find out how you can start one today! Watch this video: for tips on how get started and make your group official!

Tips and Tricks:

recruiting photoRecruit! Recruit! Recruit!: Members are vital to your group’s growth and impact. At the beginning of the year you have a lot of new students who are looking for ways to get involved, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to activate pro-life students! Recruiting is also crucial in finding and developing new leaders. Plus, it’s really fun!
Setting up a recruiting table will be the best way to get your group’s information out to your peers. Having a table also creates an initial presence at your school. Don’t miss the school’s club fair, new student orientation, and any other school wide event! Having a table at these events gives you an opportunity to meet new students and establish your presence on campus. Make sure your table is clean and professional. Use color and fun decorations to make it inviting. You can also hand out candy, because who doesn’t love candy!? For more information on how to recruit members, click here.

Clip boarding: Another great way to find pro-life students at your campus. Don’t know how to clipboard? That’s okay! Watch this video for great tips:

Flyering: In the first few weeks school is back in session put flyers up all over campus. This makes your school aware of your presence on campus. Make sure to include contact information for your group as well as information on your first meeting. Flyering campaigns can be an incredibly easy first event! A great way to start of your school year with a win! Here is a link to flyers you can download and print:

snacks2First Meeting/Social: Hold an intro meeting for everyone in the group to get to know each other. Share your group’s mission and vision, this will help your new members feel included. Set a date for following meetings. Make sure to provide food and open up with a fun activity to break the ice! Be punctual! Start and end when you say you will. We have sample meeting agendas available to help you stay on track: For the first meeting stick to the basics. Talk about the great plans you have for the upcoming year. Share stories of what your group did last year!
Watch this video on how to run a meeting –

What’s in the Box?
● Student sign-up sheet
● “I am the pro-life generation” stickers
● SFLA Topic cards addressing abortion in the cases of rape and incest, fetal abnormalities, overpopulation, health of the mother, and personhood
● Group Advertisement Flyer template
● Plan Your Year Guide
● Sample Meeting Agenda

How to Use the Box:
1) Make copies and use your Student Sign-up sheet at all your recruitment and tabling events. Make sure you get the information of anyone who is interested in joining your group. Be sure to follow up with them as soon as possible and invite them to the first meeting or event.
2) Hand out the stickers and candy at your table as a fun way to bring in students.
3) Use the SFLA topic cards at your recruitment and tabling events to help you answer the tough questions.
4) Make copies of the flyer and post it all over campus to let people know about your group. Don’t forget to add contact information!
5) The Plan Your Year Guide is a great tool to help your group plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to impact your campus. You can add your club meetings and events as well as all your school’s main events.
6) Use the Meeting Agenda to help you stay on track & make sure you accomplish your goals for every meeting!

Additional Resources:

Order an SFLA Activism kit: To help your group get started!
Trainings: To help your group grow, learn, and succeed!
Take a minute to read this article: 5 reasons why pro-life students won’t join your pro-life club.
Contact a Regional Coordinator today!

You can order the event in a box by contacting your regional coordinator today!

Regional Coordinators:
• If you are a college in CA, AZ, or NV, please contact Emily Wilkinson.
• If you are a college in OR, WA, ID, MT, or AK please contact Lisa Atkins.
• If you are a college in CO, NM, WY, or UT, please contact Lo Castillo.
• If you are a college in MI, IN, or OH, please contact R.J. McVeigh.
• If you are a college in VA, MD, DC, WV, or DE, please contact Michele Hendrickson.
• If you are a college in KY or TN, please contact Alejandro Capote.
• If you are a college in VT, CT, NH, MA, RI or ME, please contact Jane Riccardi.
• If you are a college in NE, KS, IL, or MO, please contact Reagan Nielsen.
• If you are a college in OK or TX, please contact Katie Martin.
• If you are a college in NY or NJ, please contact Keri Landeche.
• If you are a college students in a state not listed, contact Kassie Booker.
• If you are a high school student, click here.
**SFLA Resources are only available to active high school or college student groups. If you are a youth minister or community member, please email for other options.