October Event-in-a-Box: Silent Day

new mexico silent dayFall is upon us. It’s finally time for the leaves to change color, you can enjoy pumpkin spice lattes before class, go apple picking with your family, wear cozy knit sweaters, and of course eat way too much Halloween candy!

But, amidst all the excitement and joy we cannot forget that every day in America over 3,000 lives are taken by abortion. That is ¼ of our generation – our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our peers. Over 56 million children have died from abortion since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized the killing of pre-born children. They were not given the chance to experience life outside of their mother’s womb, the joy of seasons changing, holidays, and family gatherings.

On October 20th, 2015, students from all across the nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children because their voice was not heard.
We ask that you wear a red arm bands or red duct tape to identify that you are taking part in the National Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. You can also wear a pro-life t-shirt to show your support. Take a vow of silence for the day, acting in solidarity for those who have been silenced forever.*

We are remembering those who were lost and hurt by abortion by giving up our voices and remaining in solidarity. Help us end the killing! Will you join us?

* Some schools will allow you to participate but not allow you to duct tape your mouths because of safety concerns. This is a legitimate concern so please adhere to their policy if this is the case for your school. If you have an assignment in class where you have to speak, your teacher can require you to participate. If you have a speaking assignment that day, ask your teacher if you can reschedule it.

What’s in the Box?

  • Red “Pro-Life Gen” bracelets
  • Silent Day Postcards
  • Silent Day Flyers
  • Rock for Life T-shirt coupon
  • Legal Letters to your school

How to use the box:

Wear your Red Pro-Life Gen bracelets to school on Tuesday, October 20th. When you get to school, have your pro-life group hang up flyers around the school (make sure you get permission from your administration if you need it). Distribute the postcards to members to carry throughout the day. If someone tries to speak with you or asks why you are wearing red, hand them a postcard. If someone asks you a serious question about abortion use your best judgment on whether or not to break your vow of silence. You may be able to save a life that day by talking to a women about abortion.

We have also included a Rock for Life T-shirt coupon, order a t-shirt ahead of time to wear on Silent Day. If you run into any problems with your school administration we have included a legal letter that you can share with them explaining your rights. If you continue to have problems please contact your Regional Coordinator or legalhelp@studentsforlife.org.

Additional Resources:

Request an Embracing Controversy training with your Regional Coordinator!

Click here to see what other FREE training SFLA has to offer!

You can order the event in a box by contacting your Regional Coordinator today!

Regional Coordinators:

• If you are a student in CA, AZ, or NV, please contact Emily Wilkinson.
• If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, MT, HI, or AK, please contact Lisa Atkins.
• If you are a student in CO, NM, WY, UT, or IA, please contact Lo Castillo.
• If you are a student in MI, IN, or OH, please contact R.J. McVeigh.
• If you are a student in VA, MD, DC, PA, or DE, please contact Michele Hendrickson.
• If you are a student in KY, TN, or WV, please contact Alejandro Capote.
• If you are a student in VT, CT, NH, MA, RI or ME, please contact Jane Riccardi.
• If you are a student in NE, KS, IL, MO, ND, or SD, please contact Reagan Nielsen.
• If you are a student in OK or TX, please contact Katie Martin.
• If you are a student in NY or NJ, please contact Keri Landeche.
• If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Kassie Preut.
• If you are a high school student, click here.
**SFLA Resources are only available to active high school or college student groups. If you are a youth minister or community member, please email info@studentsforlife.org for other options.