November Event-in-a-Box: #Shoutyouradoption



November is National Adoption Awareness month, where we celebrate the courageous mothers, open families, and treasured children all impacted by adoption! This month, we want you to bring the message that adoption saves lives to your school!

According to a representative we spoke with from the National Council for Adoption, “There are parents who wait years to adopt an infant. There are always more parents waiting than infants available to adopt.” This statement contradicts what many women believe. Women need to know that if they choose to place their child for adoption, there will be a loving family ready to adopt their precious child. This is a selfless, courageous decision that should be affirmed by her family, friends, and peers.

To help combat the common misconceptions about adoption, your group can spread the truth through hosting a local adoption speaker and sharing the Students for Life #Shoutyouradoption video. Personal testimonies have the profound ability to break through misinformation that students on your campus may have about adoption.

In the #Shoutyouradoption video we meet 3 women: Michelle, an adoptive mother, ponc p9Amanda, a birthmother who placed her son for adoption, and Lisa who was adopted. Each woman shares their powerful story of how adoption has changed their lives. The video will be available later this week at . Subscribe to @sflavideo on Twitter to be notified of when the video is available.

For more information and adoption statistics go to:

 What’s in the box?

  • 1 #Shoutyouradoption planning guide
  • 20 Adoption Saves Lives Stickers
  • RFL Adoption T-shirt coupon
  • 1 Appropriate Adoption Language Guide
  • Radiance Foundation Adoption Information Cards
  • Adoption speaker flyers

How to use the box?

Use one of your group meetings to go over the appropriate adoption language guide with your members. It is incredibly important to use correct adoption terminology. You cannot speak accurately about adoption if you do not have the proper language. Next, spend some time familiarizing your group with the general adoption information from the Radiance foundation. Share the #Shoutyouradoption video with your group. This will help to motivate your group members and remind them why adoption is so important!

As a group, use the #Shoutyouradoption Planning Guide to plan your adoption speaker event. Two weeks before your event, post the adoption speaker flyers (get approved by administration if needed) all around your campus. At your event, use the SFLA adoption video to start off the event. Give your speaker at least 45 minutes to share and then leave room at end for the speaker to answer questions.

But let’s not just talk about adoption, let’s do something too!  Invite students at the end of the adoption speaker event to take action with your Students for Life group by making birth mom gift boxes. These gift boxes are a great way to positively affirm birthmother’s decision to place their child for adoption.

“Giving birth is an amazing experience, but for moms it is both physically and emotionally taxing. Birth moms who give birth and then make the selfless choice to place a child for adoption, have an added amount of physical and emotional stress. The birth mom gift box is filled with special things for a mother to pamper herself and remind her how much she is loved. It also affirms to loving decision she has made and gives her some assistance with purchasing needed items.”Sally’s Lambs. 

Have a table at the event with a sign-up sheet for students outside of your group to help make gift boxes for your local adoption center. If you don’t have one near you, you can donate the boxes to Sally’s Lambs. Give an adoption saves lives sticker to each person who signs up to be involved in making the Sally’s Lambs gift boxes. Information on how to make the Sally’s Lambs gift boxes and where to send them is available in the #Shoutyouradoption planning guide.

We want to thank your group for bringing Adoption Awareness to your campus. Use the Rock for Life coupon for a great discount on awesome adoption apparel at


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