May Event in a Box: Healing After Abortion

AbortionHelp-1Being pro-life isn’t just about protecting children from abortion, it’s about protecting women from being victimized from the abortion industry. We are pro-woman and pro-life! This month, we are encouraging your group to focus on the women who have been affected by abortion and offer help, hope, and healing. Each day, abortion touches almost 3,000 women. These women are walking on your campus, in your halls, and sitting next to you in your class. Studies indicate that 1 out of 5 abortions are performed on college-aged women.

Many suffer in silence, not knowing where to turn. Shame and fear of judgment often keep them feeling isolated and alone.

The repercussions of their decisions may not be immediately visible. However, weeks, months, and even years later, many women realize the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that arise in the aftermath of abortion. While Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and advocates do not recognize the grief and pain after abortion as a risk, abortion has been recognized by many psychologists and doctors as the cause of PTSD-like experiences.

According to Abortion Recovery InterNational, some common symptoms of After Abortion Grief are:

  • initial relief that then later subsides
  • emotional numbness
  • depression
  • feelings of regret or guilt
  • relationship difficulties
  • anxiety attacks
  • increase in alcohol or drug use
  • eating disorders
  • suicidal thoughts
  • low self esteem
  • difficulty with intimacy
  • flashbacks, dreams, or nightmares
  • feelings of helplessness/hopelessness
  • anger at partner and family
  • frustration with friends and co-workers

What’s in the Box: 

  • 5How to be a Safe Place Tips by Abortion Changes You
  • 5 After-abortion healing resource tableDos and Don’ts by Abortion Changes You
  • 50 Abortion Healing Resource Cards
  • 50 Abortion Pill Reversal drop cards
  • 5 Abortion Pill Reversal flyers

How to Use the Box:

After reviewing the contents in the box, plan on distributing abortion healing information at your school. Make sure all group members are familiar with appropriate responses to this sensitive subject before going out. Hosting a speaker from your local Pregnancy Center or Silent No More can be a powerful tool to sharing the harm of abortion on your campus. Host an exhibit table to offer after-abortion healing resources [on campus].

Additional Resources:

A new documentary, Hush, offers hard, scientific facts about abortion and its devastating effects in the global population of women. The film is still at film festivals worldwide, but already it has won the gold at the World Documentary Film Festival. Contact Eve at to find out about scheduling a screening near you through: The Hush Film University Tour. Info and trailer:

For More additional resources on abortion healing, visit Abortion Changes You or Abortion Recovery International.

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