Queens College Students for Life: March Winner!

Students for Life of America would like to recognize the amazing efforts of Queens College Students for Life for the month of March to advance the mission of the Pro-Life Generation! Despite facing discrimination by their administration, this group continued to push forward with establishing themselves as the voice for the voiceless on their campus. Since becoming an official group in January, Queens College SFL hosted a variety of events and continues to grow in numbers.

This month, the group created their own Cemetery of the Innocents Display to commemorate the lives of those who have been lost to abortion and to educate students who may not know about this travesty. Group members made 3,000 “R.I.P” markers and placed them throughout the campus quad for all students to see. During their free hour, when most students are not in class, group members were available to answer questions presented by students who passed by.

During the first day of the display, group members faced vandalizing and angry pro-abortion students, but they were not discouraged. The group returned for a second day to host the display and peaceful conversations were held with students who wanted to know more about the group and the lives lost each year to abortion.

A counter-display was put-up by a group of students with a clothes-line decorated by hangers, and a sign that read “never again”. Queens College Students for Life gracefully demonstrated how to “agree to disagree” by conversing with the opposition and establishing mutual respect despite differences in viewpoints. Way to build relationships!

In addition to the success with the Cemetery of the Innocents, Queens College SFL is planning to host a Pregnant on Campus tabletop display to begin dialogue with studentsQCSFL- Group Pic for how to best support pregnant and parenting students.

To bring awareness of the 324,000 babies killed each year by abortion, the group is participating in the Students for Life of America new campaign to #Sockit2PP. This group is focused on abolishing abortion and understands the impact of educating students while providing resources for meeting their immediate needs.

Congratulations to Queens College Students for Life for being SFLA’s March Group of the Month!