SFLA Graduation Cords are HERE!

Graduation is just around the corner for many of our college group leaders. Amidst the stress of taking final exams, making decisions about what to do next in life, and planning an awesome summer to just chill, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. All those nights of studying, group projects, and tests prepared you for the next chapter in life. You made it.


Beyond how much you’ve learned in school, we want to encourage you look back at how much you’ve accomplished in the pro-life movement alone. Whether you’ve been a forerunner by starting a pro-life group on your campus or just recently joined, we are proud of you.

You have worked hard to create enduring change on your campus by recruiting students to the pro-life movement, converting abortion proponents, and providing resources and support for pregnant and parenting students.

You’ve made a difference.

Students for Life believes that this is such a pivotal moment in your life and would like to offer a gift to show how proud we are of our student leaders and to honor your commitment to finishing strong.

Wearing the Students for Life graduation cords will give you one more chance to share your vision for a pro-life campus with friends, family, and fellow students when they ask what it means. Share the pro-life message. Tell them all that you have accomplished. Be a voice for the voiceless.

Once you submit the form, SFLA will also connect you with a pro-life leader for whatever path you’ve chosen to take.

Your activism doesn’t need to stop after graduation. From college to pro-life future groups, Students for Life is here to support you with transitioning into the next chapter of your life.

Together, we will continue to fight to abolish abortion in your lifetime!

Below you will find a form that you can complete and submit to receive your free purple SFLA graduation cords to wear on your special day.