BIG things happening at Clark College SFL!

Congratulations to Clark College Students for Life as April’s Group of the Month!

This month, Clark College SFL demonstrated their dedication to exposing the reality of abortion, both for the child and mother, by equipping themselves with the knowledge they needed to peacefully confront the opposition.

The group participated in a 40 Days for Life vigil, attended the Northwest Leadership Summit and Oregon Right to Life Conference, and prepared themselves for the confrontation that lay before them on their own campus.

Clark College Students for Life hosted Josh Brahm from the Equal Rights Institute for an apologetics training about how to respond to the argument, “My Body, My Choice”. This group understands their campus, and took the necessary steps towards equipping themselves for future pro-life activism!


The group held a unique Cemetery of the Innocents display for a week, where they added 50 crosses a day to represent the number of abortions that happen each day in Washington State. The event was protested and the local Planned Parenthood Director came out to talk with the group.

Shortly after they chatted, crosses from the display were stomped on by abortion advocates. This didn’t discourage the group from continuing with their plans for their next event though. That same week, the group hosted a Students for Life “Human Rights” display and tabled at their school’s Involvement Fair.

The following week, they hosted a campus-wide screening of HUSH and educated their peers about the correlations between abortion and breast cancer, pre-term birth, and mental health issues. Clark College Student’s for Life isn’t afraid of creating controversy on their campus and bringing awareness to the pain that abortion causes for everyone.

It is for this reason that we proudly name Clark College Students for Life as
April’s Group of the Month!