Christian Leadership Summit Registration is Open!

Students for Life of America is hosting our 4th annual Christian Leadership Summit for leaders of pro-life student groups at Christian colleges. We will meet to devise strategies, share experiences, and network with leaders from across the country to help you improve outreach on your college campus.

This summit is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with leaders to solve the problems you face that may be different than those faced on public college campuses.

Leading a pro-life group at a Christian college comes with its own unique challenges. From unreceptive administrators to distinct campus cultures, leaders of pro-life clubs at religious schools are regularly obstructed in their pro-life work. We’ve seen this trend across the country and understand that the hardest place to start a pro-life club is on a Christian campus, not to mention the amount of unforeseen hostility received from administrators.

Most schools would rather ignore the controversy than prepare their students for confronting it. They would rather pretend that everyone on their campus is pro-life and that students are not getting pregnant. However, we know that students at Christian schools are not just getting pregnant, but are having abortions, partly because their schools do not support them in choosing Life for their children.

The summit is invite-only, so contact your Regional Coordinator for application details. If your application is accepted, your travel, food, and lodging costs will be covered! Applications are due by June 2nd.

Contact your Regional Coordinator today to learn more about applying!
• If you are a student in CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.
• If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, HI, or AK, contact Katie Lodjic.
• If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.
• If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.
• If you are students in IN or OH, contact Anna Allgaier.
• If you are a student in MD, DC, or DE, contact Michelle Hendrickson.
• If you are student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.
• If you are a student in PA, contact Angelica Corridoni.
• If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.
• If you are a student in NE, KS, IA, IL, or MO, contact Reagan Barklage.
• If you are a student in TX contact Jillian Ferguson.
• If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.
• If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.
• If you are a student in MN or WI, contact Maddie Schulte.
• If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Tiffany Taylor.

Now is the time to take a stand on your campus! Christian schools have a mission to protect the innocent and vulnerable, and to prepare their students to confront and defeat the evils of this world. Christian schools should be the pro-life movement’s strongest base of support. As a student leader, you can make that happen at your school. Join us at the Christian Leadership Summit August 7th – 9th to be part of the revolution!