Sign-Up Now for The National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day!

This summer, on August 5th, Students for Life of America is organizing their 2nd annual National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day. We are calling the Pro-Life Generation to be on the front lines reaching out to women and even saving lives. If you would like to be a Sidewalk Captain and facilitate your city’s participation, please email

Sidewalk Counseling is such an important and practical way to affirm life in your community, and The National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day will do just that. This is a unique opportunity to come together with students and community members across the nation and be an advocate for women and their children.

As a witness on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, you are the last face that these women see before they enter. You are their final hope, the last opportunity to turn around. Many have already made up their minds, but you can impact them in such a way that they may reconsider.

Moreover, abortion victimizes all those involved—moms, dads, workers, and babies. It is our duty to love them and reach out to them with the truth. We must make it our responsibility to provide love, compassion, truth, and support.

Before having a presence on sidewalks outside of abortion facilities, we must equip ourselves with the knowledge and information we need in order to  confidently and compassionately approach women entering abortion facilities. To that end, we are hosting a National Sidewalk Counseling Video Webinar training with Sidewalk Advocates for Life on August 1st. If you’re interested, please follow this link to RSVP to the video webinar:

On the call, you will be trained on the importance of sidewalk counseling, dialogue tips, effective practices, and much more. To help get you started, here is a list of the helpful do’s and don’ts of sidewalk counseling:

• PRAY for guidance
• Be peaceful, helpful, goal-oriented
• Smile and be joyful and pleasant
• Stay vigilant
• Have compassion
• Know the literature you have in your hand
• Back up what you say
• Show each woman that you care about her not just the child
• Project your voice

• Yell
• Cross your arms/appear grumpy
• Block
• Wear a pro-life t-shirt
• Be aggressive
• Evangelize – save the preaching for later!
• Socialize / laugh
• Touch the person – be respectful of personal space
• Break the law (e.g. don’t touch the front door)
• Carry signs. If you’re counseling, stick to literature.

Will you join us on Saturday, August 5th, on sidewalks across the Nation?

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