The Bioethics & Battles Ahead Track

Sessions in this track include:

  • Inside the Abortion Industry – David Daleiden, Center for Medical Progress
  • Dismantling the Bioethics Lies – Ryan Bomberger, The Radiance Foundation
  • Commodifying Women – Jennifer Lahl, Center for Bioethics & Culture
  • Inside the Brain of the Unborn – Katrina Furth, PhD
  • Natural Alternatives to Contraceptives and IVF – Dr Monique Ruberu, OB-GYN
  • Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ethical? – Michael R. Egnor, MD; Ryan Anderson, The Heritage Foundation
  • Fetal Abnormalities and Perinatal Hospice – Dr. Kendra Kolb, Neonatologist; Mary Kellett, Prenatal Partners for Life

Even though you don’t have to pre-register for these breakout sessions… start thinking about your game plan! Trust us. It will help on the day of, with all the hustle and bustle of a 3,000-person event going on around you.

And finally… don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for special events surround the Summit:


Lunch at the Summit will be catered by Mariott. And for some, lunch will also consist of a special meeting! Click each event to register/email the SFLA Staff Member in charge.

  • are for Presidents & Vice Presidents of Students for Life groups (high school and college). Groups are limited to 2 representatives.

  • is hosted by our sister organization and is designed for students interested in the political side of pro-life activism.

  • is for pro-life leaders at Ivy League schools and will address the unique challenges and opportunities encountered there.


There are a few special meetups for attendees of certain circumstances. Click each event to register/email the SFLA Staff Member in charge.

Really hope to see you at the Summit! Don’t forget – prices will go up $5 after January 9th, 2020.